Solving Your Christmas Delivery Conundrum

Date: December 5, 2017 / Author: Fabian Batchelor

From eBay to IKEA, Facebook Selling to Gumtree – we’ve got your delivery solution

The Christmas jingles are on the radio, the decorations are up in our homes, we’ve tasted our first mince pie of the season – the Christmas spirit is well underway. Our Christmas shopping habits have been revolutionised in the digital age. We Brits spent an eye-watering £25 billion in the run up to Christmas last year. We’re not just talking about the advent of Cyber Monday, or Amazon being more ‘in’ than the high street shops. There’s another Christmas retail movement going on: the second-hand market. What makes it really possible for you to take advantage of is same day delivery, and a man with a van.

Second-Hand Christmas?
Before you think we’re suggesting you re-gift to your best pal that decidedly dodgy jumper that really can’t be described as ‘retro’, or offering up a charity shop bargain of a puzzle (minus three pieces) to your nephew, we’re not. We’re talking about those valuable and worthwhile, but often large, collection-only items you’ve hunted down on eBay, Gumtree, your local Facebook selling pages, or the online boot fair Shpock.

Suddenly you can add some real pizzazz to your kids’ Christmas by getting them that awesome jungle-gym that was too expensive new, and they really won’t notice is getting a new life. The teen will be ecstatic that they can have that high-tech gadget if you choose it “reconditioned”. And yes, you can have a new sofa in time for Christmas. You can even buy that grandfather clock or antique piano for your parents. But it all comes down to collection only.

If you’re stumped by those two little words – collection only – but want that bargain, then your answer is a man with a van. The Vanr delivery app will ensure you can buy that collection only item, get your man with a van to complete your same day delivery, and tick off your Christmas list with ease.

That’s Not All
The Vanr same day delivery London app isn’t just good for enabling you to bid on out of area second-hand auctions. We know Christmas often means a trip to IKEA or other furniture stores to ensure everyone has somewhere to sit, your friends have somewhere to sleep, and you’ve got a new rug to make your lounge feel Christmassy. Yet, the delivery date might leave you panicking, and it’s not always at the most convenient time. We can accompany you on your IKEA shopping trip and hey presto, your delivery problem is solved. No balancing that flat pack over someone’s head, just nice and secure in the right sized van.

Same Day Delivery by a Man with a Van Makes Your Christmas
You’ve got enough to be getting on with, planning Christmas, remembering the crackers and ordering the turkey. Use the Vanr delivery app to make your deliveries more magical than Santa’s. We can help with your collection only items, and solve your furniture delivery issues. We’re there to make your festive delivery problems melt away. Download Vanr delivery app today and Merry Christmas!

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