Snap Up Those New Year Bargains With Ease!

Date: January 10, 2018 / Author: Fabian Batchelor

2018 is underway and a Happy New Year to you from us all at Vanr – your man with a van in London, ready for all your same day delivery needs. We love January. Yes, we know we go against the trend of dreary rainy grey days, tight bank accounts, and post-festive diets, but January is awesome. Why – because it’s the perfect time for snapping up some super bargains.


You see, come the start of the New Year, everyone has got something new to replace the old, something more to cram into their space, and a sense of wanting a clear-out. That, along with some fabulous sales, means there are incredible bargains to be had. If you need new storage because your kids’ Christmas resembled your home becoming a toy shop; or you need to finally get your clothing storage in order; or you’ve realised 2018 is the year you want that new sofa, then January should be your favourite month too.


But There’s a Snag

What puts people off snapping up those bargains is usually a logistical problem – yes, that divine chest of drawers is perfect for your upcycle problem – but how the heck do you get it home?! You spy the bargain, and then feel deflated.


However, that needn’t be the case. Same day delivery in London isn’t just for the offices needing a document delivered by courier. Not anymore. You can hire a man with a van for whatever your delivery needs – and that includes those New Year bargains. If you just need someone to collect one item of furniture, you simply use the delivery app to make a small booking for a couple of hours. However, if you want to head off to a furniture store, take your time browsing, and even have lunch whilst you’re at it, then you simply make a longer booking. Good stuff.


Where to Snap Up Those Bargains

Now you’ve solved your delivery and logistics problems, where can you find the best bargains? Here are our top suggestions:


  • eBay: eBay are of course the king of auction selling. If you’ve stumbled across a bargain but are put off by the phrase ‘local collection only’, then you need a man with a van to make it worthwhile. This means you can widen your search.
  • Ikea: Great for a bargain at any time, but pure gold at this time of year, Ikea might help solve your storage problem. We’ll solve the delivery one.
  • Your Local Facebook Selling Site: Head to Facebook and search for your local area and you’ll likely find a bunch of selling sites. Real bargains can be found here and we can deliver.
  • British Heart Foundation Furniture: A great place for furniture and electrical bargains, whilst supporting a worthwhile cause. You’ll be able to hunt a bargain without worrying about delivery.
  • Bonanza: If you want to be searching a range of selling locations, this is the one for you.


Make January the Bargain Month

So get excited again, keep your eyes peeled for bargains, and download our same day delivery app.



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