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Date: January 23, 2018 / Author: Fabian Batchelor

VANR – Teaming up with Rootsbox

Starting soon, on 27th January, VANR are excited to be the exclusive deliverers for Rootsbox. Such exclusive arrangements are great news for you, our customer, as it enables us to grow and expand. For companies such as Rootsbox, it makes sound logistical sense. We’re not just a man with a van London, but a logistics partner for growing businesses. Our delivery app makes delivery services such as Rootsbox work on the ground without the overheads of vehicles and salaried drivers.

We’re particularly excited to be delivering for Rootsbox because we love what they do. Our hearts are in it.

Rootsbox – Who They Are

Rootsbox are alive with flavour. It’s in their blood. Their mission is to deliver wonderful boxes of exotic African and Caribbean produce right to your front door. Your box is jam-packed with delights such as jackfruit, plantain, star apple, green banana, coco yam, callaloo and pimento. It doesn’t stop there though. Nestled in your box you’ll also find recipe cards so that you can make the most of your box and wow friends and family with delicious fare.

Whether you’re missing the tastes of home or family cooking, or simply want to tantalise your taste buds in a healthy way, then Rootsbox is worth checking out.

Partnering with VANR

Getting such vibrant and varied fruit and veg isn’t always so easy. You certainly can’t just pop down to your local supermarket armed with a list. Therefore, Rootsbox bring it to your door. VANR are going to be making that happen reliably, flexibly, and on time every time. Our delivery app enables Rootsbox to dispatch their boxes as and when needed. Our man with a van London, experienced with food deliveries from the likes of Hello Fresh and Ebony Status, means we can always be there when needed, with the right approach for the job.

Rootsbox are based in West London, but VANR are ensuring they can deliver anywhere within the M25. In time, we may be able to jump the tarmac barrier too, so watch this space.

How to Take Advantage of the Rootsbox-VANR partnership?

If you’re ready to dive in to a delivery of flavour then all you need to do is visit and choose your box: a Small and Scrumptious box or a Super-Size. You can choose whether to taste as a one-off, or have them delivered weekly, fortnightly or monthly knowing you can cancel at any time if you like. Rootsbox and VANR then take care of the rest, delivering delicious fresh exotic fruit and veg to your door. Our courier service app ensures that Rootsbox can meet their delivery deadlines with patient and polite drivers each and every time.

It’s the perfect way to take yourself on a culinary journey, explore new flavours, whilst knowing you’re boosting your plate with nutritious and varied fruit and veg.

Do You Have a Logistics Need?

Whether you’re an individual looking for a man with a van app so that you can get yourself or something from A to B, or are looking for a courier service app or delivery service app for deliveries like Rootsbox, VANR should be your port-of-call. We’re always available, always ready. Download the app today to get started and see just how easy it is.


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