Man with a Van – Old Problem, New Solution

Date: November 21, 2017 / Author: Fabian Batchelor

When you consider your delivery conundrum, your mind will turn to a range of solutions. In there amongst the grey matter will be a man with a van – that holy grail of same-day delivery solutions. However, then the cogs start to grind, squeak, and fail. How do you find a reliable one? Can you get them at short notice? Which company is reputable? Will my stuff be looked after? The problem is there’s no standardised level of service. It’s a great solution – if you strike lucky and get a good ‘un.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if there was an Uber-like solution to the man with a van scenario? A handy little delivery app that with just a few virtual clicks gets you the right size van, with a friendly, vetted, experienced driver, there when you need them. Whenever you need them, whether for same day delivery in London, or even further afield?

That’s what you’re looking at with Vanr.

A delivery app?
Yes, really. The logistics business is transforming. You shouldn’t be limited by an old-school approach to your modern day problems. Whether you need equipment moving for a trade fair, a house move, or some products delivered to your retailer: you shouldn’t be relying on potluck matched with planning akin to winning a war, and a hefty bill for the privilege. There are easier technological solutions.

You also shouldn’t be ‘making do’. The solution should fit your needs. So, whatever size van you need, you should get it. No paying for wasted space. So if you need to deliver 500 advertising brochures you shouldn’t be paying for space that would fit the sofa, the kitchen sink, and Great Aunt Mildred. There should also be no paying for longer than you need. You need a two-hour spot of help? Why are you being charged for a full day?

And there’s a man with a van London delivery app?
Yep. We’re it. We spotted the problem and came up with the solution to ensure your man with a van London service is exactly what you need. Our delivery app for London is your sensible, affordable and reliable solution.

What do you get with Vanr?
Vanr isn’t your run of the mill jack of all trades man with a van. Instead we’re the umbrella bringing self-employed van drivers – who we vet – into one accessible spot (our handy little app), for you to choose from. What’s even better is that it doesn’t stop there. Also using the delivery app you can track your deliveries in real time. That’s before you factor in the instant quotes, easy payment, multi-drop and specified time slot services, ensuring all drivers are DBS checked. Oh, and making sure it’s available for you whether you’re an Apple fiend or an Android Pro.

It’s simple, it’s easy, it makes sense. Download the Vanr delivery app for London today and say to goodbye to dinosaur solutions and hello to the future.

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