Just in Time For a Valentine’s Delivery

Date: February 8, 2018 / Author: Fabian Batchelor

Just in Time for a Valentine’s Delivery


Whether you want to woo her with flowers, get him that new motorbike helmet, or show her you’ve actually listened by getting that piece of furniture she’s dying to upcycle, your best laid plans will go wrong if you don’t sort out delivery. Delivery methods in London can be patchily reliable. A regular daily jam around Piccadilly Circus is enough to make your delivery late. Add in a day when there are a whole bunch of extra deliveries underway, and you’ve got a recipe for a Valentine’s Day not ending in quite the smiles you hoped.


At VANR we do things differently. Unlike retailers who tack London delivery on as an extra, and you the punter take potluck on reliability, we make it our business. We are a dedicated London courier app. This means that the world is our oyster when it comes to choosing a gift knowing that you can get it delivered exactly when you want to. No waiting for the delivery window preordained by a third party.


Here’s how your Valentine’s Day could look if you use our delivery service app in London:


Sometime over the next week: Realise that yes, you’ve fallen. You’ve fallen hard. And like it or not you need to do something to show it. Then realise you really don’t want to just be yet another guy doing yet another Valentine’s without much thought. Chocs – delicious but dull. Flowers – delightful yet predictable. What if you could give the person you love what they really want but still have it delivered with the same aplomb? So select what you want to give the one who has your heart, and don’t feel limited. A new sofa? A box of hand-selected treats? Their favourite grocery items? Collect them together. Wrap them up. Write a message of love. Then download the VANR courier service app.


Valentine’s Day: Wake up on Valentine’s Day and know you’ve got this sorted. When you’re ready to have your gift delivered, simply start up the app and book a delivery for London. We’ll find the closest man with a van and come and get your unique gift. You can then sit back and track it, using the app, as it goes on its journey to your Valentine. No worrying that the florist has overbooked their driver. No worrying that you’re going to be predictable. Just getting it right.


A bit later on that day your love realises you’re the bees knees and the woo-ing is complete. All that’s left to do is bask in the knowledge that you got Valentine’s Day 2018 nailed and your Brownie points have ramped up.


Keep Your Ears Open and Their Heart Will Follow

So all that’s left for you to do is keep your ears open and discover what your other half, or the one you’re wanting to win over, really would like. Don’t be limited by size or what the retailers tell you to do. Choose a tree to plant, a homemade hamper of champers, chocs and treats, an indulgent piece of furniture, a piece of art, or new equipment for their hobby.


Don’t be predictable this Valentine’s Day. Surprise your other half with something they really want by cutting the delivery problem.

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