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If your questions is not below please get in touch for more information.


No, we currently don’t offer repackaging services.

Not yet, but we plan on offering this service soon.

Please tip in cash.

Yes, we take our customers security very seriously. And we use a secure payment provider (braintree) to manage transactions; this means that we do not have direct access to your card details. Braintree is fully pci compliant. We also have a similar level of security with regards to your personal information as it’s secured and stored on pci compliant servers on google’s cloud platform.

Yes, all our drivers are fully insured with goods in transit insurance.

Please get in touch with our technical team, email us on

Yes, but it is always in your best interest to label items as a precaution as sometimes driver can be carrying items from other customers.

Yes, but it is always in your best interest to package items as a precaution as sometimes driver can be carrying items from other customers.

It is sometimes very difficult to determine at what point the item was damaged. We ask our couriers to be vigilant, so if they suspect an item could be damaged before they pick it up we ask them to report it. If an item is fragile it’s important to mark this so we can treat as such. Should you believe one of the couriers is at fault please contact us as we treat each case individually and are happy to mediate.

We will contact the driver and claim through their insurance to reimburse you.

We do our utmost to keep customers happy. As there can be mitigating circumstances around why you may be unsatisfied with the service (e.g. Traffic, breakdowns) we treat each case individually and on its merits. Please contact us with your complaint by sending an email to

All our couriers are required to provide delivery information upon completion of each and every job delivered. Please contact us and we will look into the issue.

The vanr app operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We operate all over England, Scotland and Wales.

Once the booking is completed you will automatically receive a receipt via email but please check your ‘junk’ mail as well.


Sorry, no cash. For both security and administrative reasons we do not accept any form of cash payments, however if you wish to give a cash tip to your driver then you can do so at your own discretion

When defining your consignment size and weight, please consider the total volume of all your items as just one item. For example: two phones could be classified as a ‘small parcel’ and weigh ‘1kg’. It’s also worth leaving a short description about your consignment (e.g. ‘two phones’). The courier will be able to see your notes before accepting your job and have a better idea of whether they are suitable for the job, thus reducing the risk of overload.

Once you have selected your pick up and drop off address, then your van size please select your ‘advanced delivery’ to book a job for another day.  If you need more help on how to use the app watch our customer tutorial:

If you don’t have contact information include your own, but beware that not having this information generally makes the process of delivering jobs more difficult, leading to waiting charges whilst we try and find the pickup and delivery address. If the pickup/delivery point is not found and there’s nobody to give/receive the package, there may be cancellation costs incurred too.

Yes, please tap the plus sign to the right hand side of the ‘pick up’ field and ‘drop off’ field to add another address.  If you need more help on how to use the app watch our customer tutorial:

Currently we do not have this option on our app, to get our quote please send an email to: or call us directly on: 01322 303442

You can specify the earliest your parcel can be picked up, as well as a delivery deadline. If you need to define a specific pickup time window, please select the advanced delivery option and select time and date. If you need more help on how to use the app watch our customer tutorial:

Please note our policy only covers for the material cost of the items, this is standard for all courier service

Otherwise you may require a specialist fine art courier service.

The average time for a job to be accepted is 15 minutes. In the unlikely event that your job has not been accepted please contact customer services on +44 (0)1322 303 442 or email  If you need more help on how to use the app watch our customer tutorial:

We accept Visa and MasterCard upon booking. American Express and PayPal are not accepted as of now unfortunately but we are looking at making these available in due time

Below are the typical dimensions for each van, which will allow you to select the appropriate van for your item/s.

Small Vanr: Height: 1400 mm, Width: 1500mm, Payload: 500kg

Medium Vanr: Height: 1500mm, Width: 1700mm, Payload: 1000kg

Large Vanr: Height: 1800mm, Width: 1700mm, Payload: 1800kg

Luton Vanr: Height: 2200mm, Width: 2000mm, Payload : 3000kg

The VANR representative needs the recipient telephone number to communicate any delays in their journey or difficulties locating the collection or delivery address

Job in Progress

Call their number via the app or call us directly on: 01322 303442

Tap the map on the booking screen and the yellow arrow is the driver on the map.

Currently it is not possible to amend a booking via the app. If you need to amend a job email us or call us directly on: 01322 303442

In case your courier is unreachable. or call us directly on: 01322 303442

This could happen to many reasons: the courier is stationary waiting for more jobs, their battery has died or the GPS signal is poor in that area.

Managing Your Account

Email us: and a member of our team will assist you.

Please contact us via email: with your friend’s emails address and we will apply a £10 discount to your next booking when your friend makes their first booking.

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