Deliveries Delivered Exactly

Date: March 2, 2018 / Author: Fabian Batchelor

Deliveries Delivered Exactly by VANR Partnering with DX


At VANR, we’re all about precision. We’re about ensuring that every delivery, however big or small, is handled carefully, delivered on time, with the highest standard service. We aim to deliver exactly – time and again. That’s why it makes perfect sense that VANR are now teaming up with Delivered Exactly™ at their South London Depot.


Delivered Exactly™ – Who Are They

At VANR we know a lot about being a man with a van in London. Delivered Exactly™ (DX) are also no strangers to this field. Operating van deliveries nationwide since 1975, they strive to offer exceptional service with competitive advantage. They are all about logistics: delivering parcels and packages for a range of organisations including NHS trusts, police forces, pharmacies, banks and more. They concentrate on next day delivery services for both B2B and B2C customers.


They might be nationwide but, inevitably, a large focus of their work rests on deliveries in London. That’s where VANR come in. Meeting the demand for reliable man with a van delivery drivers at one of their busiest depots is a tall order. Finding reliable partners to work with takes trust and assurance.



At VANR we believe in the same objectives as DX. That’s what will make this a workable and rewarding partnership. DX care about each and every delivery, as do we.


Working in the London delivery arena we know that there are unique challenges to our area of work. Deliveries are often time-sensitive. They often need a reliable, helpful and trustworthy driver as much as they need the vehicle itself. Deliveries can range from a small house move to a sensitive medicine delivery. Every delivery requires the appropriate care whether it’s legal papers or a piano move: Each delivery is about solving a problem.


At VANR all of our drivers are DBS checked. All vehicles and drivers are adequately insured, including ‘goods in transit’ insurance. We also take vehicle and package tracking just as seriously as DX themselves.


The DX and VANR Partnership

In light of who DX are and who VANR are, a partnership makes sense. DX are, for example, the preferred provider of the UK Government and foreign embassies for their delivery needs concerning identity documents and visas. You can’t take risks which such London delivery objectives – they have to be safe, secure and tracked. Given that 5.5 million identity documents pass through the DX network each year and they’ve succeeded in reducing losses by 95% for UK government agencies since 2004, they are justifiably proud of their reputation.


At VANR we hold ourselves to the same high standards. We are proud to be operating and available on DX’s behalf. We are proud to take their London delivery, and man with a van needs, one step further.


Same Day Deliveries London

At VANR we offer immediate and same day deliveries across London. Use our app to book your man with a van, and see for yourself why VANR are becoming a big name on the London logistics and delivery scene.





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